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Here is your definitive solution.

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Here is your definitive solution.


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Are you looking for a quick, simple and effective way to remove pet hair from your clothes, the bed, the sofa or even to brush your four-legged friends?


This portable brush easily removes hair from your pets, when you leave home take it for the day. The design of this brush can help you remove any type of unwanted material.

  • Use: Move the brush in short strokes forward or backward over the surface of your sofa, bed, clothes and your pet.
  • Multiple cleaning modes: The brush provides 3 different densities. Use the brush surface type according to the number and length of pet hair to achieve the best cleaning effect.
  • Electrostatic Absorption: Our brush absorbs unwanted dandruff and lint, but does not stick to fabric or the surface it is applied to, protects your fabrics and clothes.
  • Easy to clean by simply removing the bristles from the brush. Use soap and water. This brush can be reused several times, which is very practical and environmentally friendly.
  • Comfortable handle: The handle is made of soft ABS and silicone, easy to hold and comfortable.
  • Dimension: about 9.3cm/13cm
  • Material: High quality ABS. The most important properties of ABS are impact resistance and hardness.
  • Color: black and orange.
  • Weight: Very light 80g.





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  • Easy to clean

  • Versatile use on all surfaces.

  • Elastic and durable for long-term durability.

  • Contribute to the preservation of our planet by choosing this reusable brush

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Versatile use ⤵

  • Carpet

    Clean your carpet very quickly and easily!

  • Couch

    Opt for our cleaning brush which brings incredible results and makes your sofa spotless.

  • Car

    Remove hair from your car in the blink of an eye!

  • Animals

    Our brush provides a pleasant experience for pets. In addition to effectively removing hair, whether from dogs, cats or even rabbits, it provides a pleasant massage sensation.

  • Clothes

    The brush offers exceptional versatility. In fact, it can also remove hair from certain types of clothing, while preserving the integrity of the fabrics thanks to its carefully designed design.

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  • Very easy to clean

    Lea R. ✅

    Very easy to clean, I always store it in the car because my dog ​​leaves hair everywhere.

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  • Perfect product

    Ann D. ✅

    I love this product, it makes cleaning carpets very easy!! It’s really super effective!

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  • Effective in cleaning the car

    Laura G. ✅

    Very useful for the car! I love it, I can remove hair very easily.

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  • Amazing cleaning!!

    Marc L. ✅

    I tried it on the bed and the result is just incredible! I am very happy to have bought it! On the other hand, on certain types of clothing it is not very effective.

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  • Effective

    Gemma M. ✅

    Useful for sofa and carpet.

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  • Good value for money.

    Mehdi R. ✅

    This brush is the perfect tool for pet owners who want to get rid of hair in record time and effortlessly. Cleaning the brush is very easy. To buy without hesitation.

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  • TOP!

    Monica R.✅

    I really like this brush, I can easily remove the hairs on my sofa and above all it's quick.

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  • Clean sofa

    Santiago G.✅

    Easy and quick sofa cleaning. Very satisfied.

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Our commitment to the planet

We develop our products with the long term in mind. Our commitment to the environment goes far beyond guidelines, regulations and market trends. This is a promise we make to our planet.

Cleanliness, comfort, and your companions on board.

Travel with your four-legged friends with complete peace of mind. At Petpoils, we understand the importance of keeping your vehicle clean and welcoming, without your pets' hair leaving any marks. Our brush effectively removes hair, ensuring a pleasant environment for all passengers, two or four-legged.

Your tranquility, their comfort.

We understand that the well-being of your pets is a priority, as is the cleanliness of your living space.
    • Excellent quality

    • Resistant to falls

    • Versatile use on different surfaces

    • Easy to wear, easy to store

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